Christianity and it's modern secularized variants: A Jewish Conspiracy and Hoax on the Gentiles

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The truth is that he (Jesus) never existed, but was created by the Jewish authors of the New Testament as a fantasy figure for the purpose of persuading gullible Gentiles to accept the revolutionary ideas that would be their undoing. - Christine M. Johns, Christianity Exposed [link]


1. Christianity's Beginnings Top ↑

Jews began laying the framework for a mind weapon that would later be known as Christianity at the 'Alexandrian School' [1] in Alexandria, Egypt, during the 1st century AD. One of these Alexandrians was a man named Philo Judeaus. [2] Think of the Alexandrian School as a proto Frankfurt School, where all the Jewish 'intelligentsia' of antiquity gathered. The Romans were the greatest threat to the survival of the Jewish race at the time, so their focus was on psychological warfare/mind subversion. It was here that these Alexandrian Jews managed to lay the foundation for what would later evolve into the greatest tool of war ever created!

The entire New  Testament is a forgery that plagiarizes other religions [3], with some Greek philosophy (Plato) thrown in and a fictional character named "Jesus" as the leader [4]. But under this interface is a powerful psychological weapon.

From this foundation grew several secularized and cultural Christian variants (Marxism, Bolshevism, Cultural Marxism, Progressivism, Christianity and its secularized and cultural variants permeate every aspect of Western civilization, and is why Jews, who would have otherwise been an irrelevant tribe in history, have consolidated tremendous wealth and power at white peoples expense (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref), (ref)

2. Mind Control Programming and the Bible Top ↑

Christianity's Purpose

  • Build a "New Testament" on top of Judaism to subconsciously connect the Gentiles to Jews, get the Gentiles to worship a Jewish God (also subliminally imprint Jewish supremacy over Gentiles), strip them of their tribal instincts, separate them from their old religions and traditions, instill shame and guilt complexes, indoctrinate the Gentile masses into pacifism and a slave-like mentality of servitude, internalize cuckolded values like "turn the other cheek", and prepare the masses for a communist slave state with the ruling Jews in control.
How does the program work?

  • Guilt and shame complexes: Christians must admit to being sinners and that they were born with Original Sin --> then a playbook with a systematic guide to purification will be given.
  • Penance: Evangelism and missionary work to absolve yourself of sin. This makes it self-perpetuating, like a virus.
  • Group polarization: A binary good (us) vs evil (them) worldview, signal moral virtue above the mean, censor, and attack others that do not signal virtue.
3. Secularization of Christianity Top ↑

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Jews have been working to rebuild the secularized Christian religion in the failure of their atheist Christian program. Ex: the modern left. Notice that nothing about the modern left traces back to the Enlightenment? All leftist ideologies and ethics trace back to Christianity. The modern Left is entirely secularized Christianity with the same social and organizational structures as Christianity, laws and commandments (“equality” foremost) [5]. 

Economic forms of Christianity

  • Marxism and Communism are economic forms of Christianity. All Communist systems in the West are in fact derived from Christian theological thought (the central organizing principle of classical Marxist economics “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” was lifted verbatim from the pages of the New Testament, Marx's historical materialism is the eschatological framework of Christian orthodoxy in secularized form, also, prohibiting of private property, "take from the rich to give to the poor", "may the last be first", egalitarianism/race and genetics denialism is Christian Universalism, etc.) [6]. This is deliberate. A group called the 'League of the Just' financed Karl Marx and Frederick Engels [7] and tasked them with coming up with an economic system based on Christianity [8]. See also: Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins from "Nature's Eternal Religion" by Ben Klassen [9]
Secular Christian tenets and ethics

This is why there is such a strong push to have Critical Race Theory (secularized Original Sin) taught in schools (secularized churches). The original religion is dying among white people, so they have to push the secular ones now. As young as possible, white children are taught that they are horrible and that their white skin is a mark of sin. Then, a playbook on how to purify that sin, by virtue signaling, being missionaries of Wokeism, self-policing other whites as "White Jesus", and working against their tribal and familial interests as "noble traitors", etc., will be given. Instilling guilt and shame complexes and then offering a system of redemption is Christianity's foundation and a powerful way of manipulating people. 

4. "White Jesus" Top ↑

Christianity removed white people's capacity for critical thinking and spiritual knowledge, replacing them with meaningless robotic servitude. As a result, the "White Jesus" mentality is rooted collectively in the white subconscious. These white people are socialized into this mind poison from birth, through churches, secularized churches (schools) and the media. They are programmed "White Jesus" crusaders working diligently to spread either Christianity and/or its secularized variants, even at the global level backed by American cultural hegemony. Many of them call themselves "liberals", but there is nothing "liberal" about them. They are, in fact, secular Christian religious fanatics and the ideological shock troops of these subversive ideologies.

5. What do the Jews believe? Top ↑

Modern Judaism is an Alexandrian School invention as well. At the time, the Alexandrian School Jews invented Christianity to mentally subvert their enemies; they codified various Jewish myths into a program to fortify their own group's tribalism.

To prove this, simply compare the differences between Judaism and Christianity:

  • Jews: "eye for an eye" and "never forgive, never forget". Christians: "turn the other cheek" and "submit to the evil doer".
  • Jews: "life should be endowed with material worth." Jews do not believe in an afterlife and believe in achieving riches and pleasure in this life. Christians believe in asceticism and that they will get their reward in the afterlife.
  • Jews: master race/"God's chosen people", outbreeding or conversion is forbidden. Christians: Universalist/"all equal under Jesus", "love thy brother".
  • The “New Testament” was built on Judaism, which unconsciously ties Christians to Jewish masters.
  • Judaism is tribal, Christianity is universal.
  • Judaism is an ethnocentric religion that does not accept converts, Christians actively seek converts of all races because Christian Universalism considers everyone equal.
  • The Old Testament is filled with violence, killing, and war. The New Testament is filled with love, unconditional tolerance, and anti-rebellion: "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword".
  • Jews loath Christians, but Christians believe Jews are "God's chosen" and they exist to serve Israel.
6. Prospective Top ↑

All putridity and moral decay in Western countries over the past 2000 years has its genesis in the psyop religion of Christianity. The secularized/cultural Christian ideologies that arose from Christianity (Marxism, Communism, race and genetics denialism/Christian Universalism, Cultural Marxism, et al.) serve as adjuncts to Christianity in controlling the masses of the population across religious and political spectrums and systematically directing them down a path that benefits the architects of these ideologies. But can this be reversed? It would take a large percentage of white people in western countries to speak about this poison publicly, and then attack the "White Jesus" crusaders who hold power on the left. If not, then extinction is a natural biological process that happens when an organism is no longer fit to survive in its ecosystem, and because of Christianity, white people at present lack the tribalism and group ethics to survive in our modern multiracial/tribalist ecosystems, as opposed to Jews, who, because of their ethnocentric religion, accompanying Talmud, and fanatical tribalism, thrive!


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^Note also that it was the Jewish Alexanders that funded the Flavian Dynasty, of which many powerful and famous Jews were members, such as Josephus (aka Paul the Apostle), Tiberius Julius Alexander (Philo's nephew), Bernice, and Marcus Julius Agrippa (Herod) II. It was with the rise of the Flavians that we saw the appearance of Jewish Christianity. Constantine himself was descended from the Flavian’s.

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